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New Zealands’ leading jewellery design company, creators of fine jewellery in Christchurch

Now into our second decade and firmly established as one of the city’s leading jewellers, Christchurch’s iconic Filigree has been meticulously handcrafting our range of breath-catching unique jewellery in the city since 2005.

To enter the refined elegance of our flagship store on Colombo Street in Sydenham is to discover gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces and tap into an atmosphere of creativity that lingers in this decorous space.

Contact us to find out more about stunning engagement rings, diamond rings, bridal jewellery, classic and modern jewellery designs.


Our people

We offer a complimentary design service to all our customers to ensure you get the piece you have envisaged for yourself. Filigree designers will work with you to create your new ring or jewellery piece and our in-house manufacturing workshop will bring it to life.

We believe it is exciting for customers to be part of the design for their jewellery, from selecting gems all the way through to completion, as such we like to include you in the different stages of making, with our workshop onsite you can visit at any time to be a part of its creation.

Vanessa Stowers


Designer Vanessa Stowers, leads her talented team of designers & jewellers, creating conversation-starting, timeless pieces spanning diamond and precious stone rings, wedding bands and occasional jewellery, alongside an ever-evolving collection of fashion-oriented jewellery and bespoke one-offs, all adhering to Filigrees timeless modern aesthetic.

With more than 20 years industry experience, Vanessa’s flair for design and effortless rapport and understanding of customers harks back to good old-fashioned customer care, resulting in the creation of exceptional, tailor-made jewellery, peerless in quality, that’s a seamless extension of the owner’s personality.

Sophie Claridge

Design Consultant

Sophie comes to us from an interior design background. Working in the interior design industry for over 8 years, she has also worked in beauty and fashion for some of New Zealand's top talent and fashion houses before that. Sophie started her love affair with Filigree when we were on High Street.

Donna Hughes

Design Consultant & Visual Merchandiser

Donna has a family legacy of design and manufacturing in the jewellery industry. Collaborating with her sister in a small boutique jewellery range, and more recently an exhibition manager and curator in the fine art market, makes Donna perfect at understanding finer design details.

Natasha English

Design Consultant & Operations

Natasha has a long history in design from interiors, object art, furniture and costume design including being a multiple award winner. With a natural eye for modern and international jewellery trends, she brings an innovative approach to Filigrees talented team.

Elizabeth Locke

Advertising & Marketing

Elizabeth as an award-winning graduate of Ara with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, she has brought youthful outlook and delicate hand in the multimedia promotions, advertising and marketing of Filigree.

Kerry Ray

Head Jeweller

25 years’ experience, trusted with crafting Filigree’s most precious and complex ring designs. His singular perspective on maintaining a high level of craftsmanship makes Kerry’s handmade rings heirlooms of the future.

Christina Dower

Master Jeweller

With over 30 years in high-end bespoke jewellery, Christina has a vast range of experience. Her love of outdoor pursuits combined with the arts makes her beautifully crafted jewellery is a reflection of the Scandinavian and Filigree design ethos.

Craig Simon


With over 12 years’ experience, Craig is proudly Filigree’s first graduated apprentice, his studious work ethic has him working particularly well with delicate bespoke jewellery for our clientele and our beautiful in-store seasonal Collections.

Adam Caves

Gem Setter

Filigree’s reputation for the unusual and bespoke is the perfect fit for Adams eye for detail and an incredibly steady hand notwithstanding he always takes care to set Filigree’s jewels with utmost care. With the vast array of work he relishes the challenge to hone his already gifted skill base within the Filigree workshop.

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